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AMVESINDO represented by Bu Avina Sugiarto (Head of International Relations) attended Global Venture Capital Congress (GVCC) on 24-25 April 2023 in Singapore. Very insightful sessions on what’s happening across the globe on the associations, along with several who have been there for 30-50 years (eg. NVCA – US VC PE Association; HKVCA – VC PE association serving greater China).

Key initiatives across the association:
– Policy advocacy (depending on relevance in the different regions; quite a number spoke about tax-related and policy to make start-up ecosystems more flourishing)
– Knowledge hub – institute
– Awareness building through events & networking

Key next steps on international relationships:
1) SVCA & HKVCA: host various educational events, that can be cross-collaborated to be open to our members; separately discussed potential discount fee for cross-membership (previously discussed with Donald)
2) Myanmar & Thailand assoc: for ASEAN collaborations
3) Ukraine assoc: a number of Ukrainian start-up founders based in Bali
Expanding memberships: from VC, to private equity, service providers, investors group and start-ups
Diligence on members (if required): through referral from 2-3 other members

Key thematic discussions:
– ESG and DEI at the forefront of investors’ mind (also driven by regulations)
– Global funding is down, but part of the general economic cycle and believe the market will return
– Geopolitical risk between US and China: mixed thoughts on optimism towards investing in China (largest growth market and significant contribution to global GDP) vs unpredictable regulations
– Asia as the center of growth: India, Indonesia and Vietnam
– Importance of political stability to drive investments (which makes Myanmar uninvestable in the past 2 years; in Ukraine investments are primarily directed towards rebuilding infrastructure)

Here’s the link for full booklet & attendees for reference :

Thank you!
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